Brink Coin: Empowering the Meta and Gameverse with Utility and Stability. Brink Coin ($BRNK) stands as the pivotal token driving asset validation within GameFi and the Metaverse as well as powering applications through distribution to developer wallets. It is backed a portfolio comprising over 460 premium blockchain domain names, sites, and apps.

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Information About Brink Coin on BSC:

  • Token NameBrink Coin
  • Nominal Price1 BTC = 167,026 $BRINK
  • Number of Tokens Produced 9,999,888,888 $BRINK
  • Unsold Tokens Burn Presale Contract
  • Type of the Token BEP - 20

Updated 12/12/23. Official Brink Coin on BSC Investor Information Center: Brink Coin Pinsale starts on January 14th 2023 - and run for 30 days.
Token name: Brink Coin Symbol: BRNK Token address: 0xdd230803c087aa54f3793f925c33a385e473c9d1 Total token supply: 9,999,888,888.000000000000000000 Number of tokens on sale: 200,000,000.0 $BRINK Price per token: 1 BRNK = 0.5 BNB Payment token: BNB Soft cap in BNB: 1.0 Hard cap in BNB: 10,000,000.0 Min investment amount in BNB: none Max investment amount in BNB: none Token pinksale start time: 2023-12-14 06:00:00 Token sale end timel 2024-01-14 12:00:00 Token sale lock time: 2024-01-15 12:30:00 Investor whitelist: Every address can invest Remainging unsold presale tokens from 200M pink sale pool will be discarded. Token sale owner address: 0xf61e59b0fefd15b136849797d42ccc4e4c10c58a

Next Event: Brink Coin ICO and Brink Coin IDO

  • Minimum Payment100 USD
  • Maximum Payment in the first 7 days100 000 USD
  • Maximum Payment after the first 7 daysNo Limits
  • Soft Cap15 MLN USD
  • Hard Cap 75 MLN USD

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